About Us

Nekya is an innovative Digital Marketing Agency.

By leveraging data and analytics, our team takes digital strategy to the next level.

We use cutting edge digital marketing technologies, to complement our services to the fullest and this is the key which maintains the quality of our work.

We have our unique way of working and we always aim to maximum performance, so when it comes to results we choose the most outstanding practices that fit better each purpose.

We develop and implement a digital ad buy strategy, for the success of which we need audiences to act in our favor.

Starting from that, we help you connect with your target audience, learn it and listen to its needs.

To assist you with that, we help you determine exactly what that audience is; we create custom audiences for your brand based on your target demographic but also extend it to location, brand affinity, and online behavioral patterns.

We A/B test our copy, visuals, demographic, and audience interest so you only get the best ad reach and engagement possible.

We also track conversion from our ads and create dedicated landing pages to optimize call-to-actions.

And it is all done for you to get the best ROI possible, heck we can even set that ROI with you and guarantee it.

That kind of experience has taken many years of hard work and this is what characterizes Nekya.

It is our biggest investment and we do our best every day for it to become a legacy.


We have created a suite of technology solutions that tackle the challenges of digital marketing head on. Our proprietary platforms are focused on exponentially accelerating and growing our clients' digital footprint with the end goal of creating long term customer loyalty.

Social Media

Social Media discovery solved. Social identifies social media users based on affinity, location, demographics, brand interests, and even engagement. Once identified, the users are drawn to your social media accounts; they discover you, you get new fans.

It's where people connect with you, so you have to know how to connect with them. Social media is important, we all know it. The difference is that we do it for you so that knowledge is transformed into action. From copy to content, we make sure your reach is enhanced, your engagement optimal, and your growth maximized. We don't have the formula for viral (anyone who says they do is lying to you) but we know how to line up all the pins to give you the opportunity to strike.

Graphic Design

If it looks bad, then it probably is bad.

Digital is how people perceive you PERIOD. If you walked into a store and it looked like crap you wouldn't wait around to find out what the owner has to say about it, you would leave. We do rapid, intuitive, and user optimized websites, we create visual assets (like flyers, banners, complex image editing), and even do mobile apps. Why so much you ask? Because those represent the way people will interact with your brand and so no matter how much marketing magic we do, we want to lay the foundation for your brand to thrive.

Audience Insights

The who, what, when, where, how, why of everything you do and the reason you do it.

All we do is data driven so we are able to deliver insights, behavioural patterns, and demographics for your customer. The only way brands grow is by understanding who they are and why they are loved. Although you may believe your gut is always right, you will find that having data to support that gut feeling you have for pink Hummers will give you the insights to take bold actions. You no longer act under the idea of who your audience is, you actually know.

Email Marketing

Why is email here? Aren’t these guys cool?

Of course we are, and that’s why we do email. From drip campaigns to automatic email follow ups with anyone who interacts with your brand whether online or offline, we take email marketing beyond the newsletter and the randomness of mass email. We even created special email programs that run automatically to drive specific goals (positive online reviews, customer acquisition, fan enrollment, follow up sales…).

World Stage

The world is yours.

We give your digital presence a worldwide scope by enabling you to expand into foreign markets and tap into tourist flows in the EU We are multi-lingual so all the work is done in house. Whether it’s establishing a brand presence in Brazil or taping into the Asian market, we are there with you the whole way through.


Transform Instagram “likes” into actions. Our proprietary platform allows your fans to get triggered emails when they “like” one of your activated posts. From exclusive content, to product discount, and special invitations, brands transform a passive social media activity into a measurable call-to-action.

Brand Ambassador

Transform your fan base into an advocacy base. The brand ambassador platform incentivizes your fans to share your content on their social media. Through an intuitive game centric platform, your fans are rewarded for sharing. Prizes can include trips, merchandise, event invites, special content. Your message is amplified, your customers are rewarded.


Not your run of the mill CRM. Big Data connects with all your data entry points (online and offline), organizes your customer data, and more importantly creates actionable insights. A CRM solution that doubles down as a marketing tool.